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A Best-in-Class

A best-in-class team of design and development professionals has been carefully curated to bring this vision for Castle Island to life.

Castle Hill - Team KWG Group



Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Hong Kong, KWG Group brings to Australia extensive experience in the development of real estate and commercial properties.

KWG Group are committed to delivering recognised international design excellence, leading technologies and world-class sustainability for the benefit of generations of Australians to come.

Since establishment, KWG Group has always upheld its core philosophy of building homes with heart and creating aspirational futures for our customers. Over the years, KWG Group has earned numerous accolades for its landmark projects. KWG are proud to bring our international expertise, brands and talent in urban living, architecture and design to Australia’s shores.

KWG has delivered 180,000 homes and completed 400+ projects worldwide, including 2 world renowned 5-star hotels (W-Hotel). KWG operates in 45 cities globally and manages $4.6B AUD in assets. KWG believes architecture should be more than bricks and mortar, but must be integrated within local cultures. Following in-depth studies of the communities in which they operate, KWG engage the best international and local experts to bring projects to life. They are places that are anchored in their communities and that foster aspirations for contemporary life.

Team - Giles Tribe Architects

Giles Tribe ArchitectS


Established for over 40 years, Giles Tribe Architects is a leading, award-winning architecture firm providing services in architecture, interior design, planning and master-planning for clients in both the public and private sectors.

The firm is led by three directors and a core of senior staff from various backgrounds that manage specialised in-house teams. Giles Tribe’s diverse range of skills include many accredited professionals skilled in sustainability, corporate styling/brandings, fit-out, green field development, adaptive reuse, conservation and conversion of the
built environment.

Giles tribe has done a wide range of projects including exclusive private residences, multi-unit apartments and even large masterplan projects including Breakfast Point, NSW. The masterplan accommodates 2073 Dwellings, 3685m2 of retail and commercial space, 3000m2 of community space and retention of 5 heritage buildings and structures.
Giles Tribe Architects has always sought to deliver outcomes that have resilience to the passing of time. For architecture, it is a well-conceived building that exceeds the brief, solves the challenges of its location and is delivered close to budget. For planning, it is a built environment and context that is unique to its place.

Castle Hill - Team DLN



DLN is one of the most versatile architectural practices in Asia and is ranked 35th in the world by the ‘World Architecture 100’. Founded in Hong Kong in 1972, DLN has designed a number of the world’s tallest, largest and most complex buildings in each decade from the 1970s to the present.

Today the practice continues to build on a tradition of creating value through design with a portfolio of innovative new projects in China, South-east Asia and beyond. DLN was amongst the first non-domestic architects to work Mainland China in the early 1980s. Since that time the international practice has expanded to include commissions throughout
South-East Asia, Central Asia, the Middle-East, Europe and Africa.

With over 380 personnel, the practice handles the full spectrum of building types ranging from mass housing to highly-specialized institutional, hospitality and commercial projects. Some of DLN’s most notable projects include The Centre, St Regis (Hong Kong), Grand Hyatt Hotel (Hong Kong), Grand Lisboa Hotel (Macau) and JKG Tower (Malaysia).

Castle Hill - Team ARVA



Founded in 2015, ARVA provides architectural design and visual art consultancy services. They are architects, artists and teachers, with a team of enthusiastic and dedicated young professionals focusing on the fundamentals of design: functional requirements, context, cultural backgrounds and environmental sustainability.

Through architecture, ARVA aims to lift the extraordinary out of the ordinary and to have delight and sparkle in our day to day life. They believe that architecture is a natural product of art and technology; it can create a sense of place which is both physical and spiritual, and it should contribute to our future generation with minimal impact on the environment.

Working across China and internationally, ARVA’s projects include residential, office, hotel, shopping and entertainment, school and civic building, transportation, mixed-use urban complex and urbanism. Some of ARVA’s most notable projects include W Hotel (Chengdu), U-Fun Gallery and Cafe (Cheng Du), Courtyard Marriot (Suzhou), Biological Island (Guangzhou) and Art Installation for Hong Kong Children’s Hospital (Hong Kong).

Castle Hill - Team Glyph studio

Glyph studio


Glyph Design Studio Inc. is a Toronto-based interior design firm founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Gary and Polly Chan. They specialize in the work they find most rewarding, developing strategies with retail and hospitality clients to build a strong and unique identity with signature design aesthetic and style.

The firm’s success is rooted in its innate ability to conceptualize and
execute creative solutions that deliver an innovative design mark for its client’s vision. The team’s contribution to each project is evidenced by numerous awards acknowledging their business success, superior planning, merchandising and refined interior architecture skills.

The full-service design firm’s projects include luxurious 5 star and boutique hotels, high-end residential developments, clubhouse, entertainment and hospitality, department stores and retail centres, corporate buildings and office design.

Castle Hill - Team URBIS



Urbis has one simple goal – to shape the cities and communities of Australia for a better future. It’s something the firm achieves by drawing together a network of the brightest minds – a creative community of practice experts, working collaboratively to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice and guidance – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

The Urbis Planning team were key client advisors on the Castle Island project, including both the landscape architecture and town planning. Urbis led the Council engagement process, managing the community and design review panel feedback from beginning through to planning panel approval.

Urbis Planning team drew upon their experience to drive a collaborative working environment through the complexities of the regulatory planning framework enabling the project team to create a high quality design and landscaped public domain.

Some of URBIS’ most notable projects include Quay Quarter Building (Sydney), Victoria Cross Metro (North Sydney), Queen’s Wharf (Brisbane), Gold Coast Airport (Gold Coast), Macquarie Park Village (Sydney), Taronga Zoo (Sydney) and Barangaroo South (Sydney).